This is why the Sawmill Wetlands should be a category 3 wetland.

According to the Ohio Administrative Code 3745-1-4

(a) Wetlands assigned to category 3 support superior habitat, or hydrological or recreational functions as determined by an appropriate wetland evaluation methodology acceptable to the director or his authorized representative.

(b) Wetlands assigned to category 3 may be typified by some or all of the following characteristics: high levels of diversity, a high proportion of native species, or high functional values.

(c) Wetlands assigned to category 3 may include, but are not limited to: wetlands which contain or provide habitat for threatened or endangered species; high quality forested wetlands, including old growth forested wetlands, and mature forested riparian wetlands; vernal pools; and wetlands which are scarce regionally and/or statewide including, but not limited to, bogs and fens.

According to the Ohio EPA, “It is important to stress that a wetland may be a Category 3 wetland because it exhibits one or all of the above characteristics.  For example, a forested wetland located in the flood plain of a river may exhibit “superior” hydrologic functions (e.g. flood retention, nutrient removal), but not contain mature trees or high levels of plant species diversity.”


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  1. Hong Nguyen · · Reply

    I’m confused. According to this by the Ohio Environmental Council, the Sawmill Wetland is a category 2. I would like to see an official report by the Ohio EPA.

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